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Owl By Nora Danish
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About Us

Hi, I am Nora Danish. As an artist I have been fortunate enough to immerse myself in fashion trends throughout my career. I love fashion particularly on the designing end. Whenever I create or sketch something on a paper I feel connected to my loved ones. In fact my family derives joy from designing together. When the opportunity came for us to share our passion for fashion with Malaysians we wanted to collaborate with the best. I am excited to introduce my new collection Owl by Nora Danish.

As our material supplier Jakel Shah Alam has provided us with high quality fabric, assisted the production of our fashion line as well as contribute ideas for our sales strategy. Our direct approach to design and thoughtful appropriation of fabrics, designers, materials, craftsmanship and quality evident in each pair of that comes from our design.

Every piece is carefully inspected and is a true labor of love. As designers we believe it is important to maintain a flow in the production while constantly developing and designing. Bringing a design to life is an on-going journey with every new piece inspired by the previous form. As such, developing  a meaningful concept is a crucial step in any design project, but it’s a skill that few people really take the time to understand and appreciate.

As a team we belief that great design is so much more then a pretty color or drawings on paper. Everything begins with an idea. Similar to any brainstorming exercise, we do not dismiss any ideas however strange they may seem. We start sketching out concepts that come to mind by looking at our inspiration library. When inspiration strikers we begin our design process and pour our hearts and souls into it.  Sketching helps because ideas tend to fade away as fast as they pop into your mind. It was also very important for us to come up with our own core concept. This is evident from the streamlined beautiful collection we have come up with.

I am confident with the lineup of our new collection and hope it will receive the same love we have put into designing it. As a team we believe that fashion is universal and as it generates conversation, we hope our collection speaks to the public across Malaysia.

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